Best Restaurants of Florence

Hereunder a top list of the best local restaurants of Florence combining tradition and amazing locations, as well as history, smells and flavors.


Golden View

The windows light up the Golden View, where one can admire many features of the Florentine Renaissance. The restaurant feels inviting. Our diverse menu includes a variety of options ranging from meat to fish and from seasonal vegetables to Mediterranean specialties.


Taverna del Bronzino

Located in the ancient Santi di Tito’s workshop (Bronzino’s student), this restaurant offers a wide range of dishes focusing on local products highlighting the best flavors.


Buca Lapi

Buca Lapi is the oldest restaurant in Florence. It was founded in 1880 in the Palazzo Antinori cellars and still shows evidence of more than a century of history, thanks to a very careful restoration.


Il Palagio Four Seasons

Take your pick from its cellar of exceptional Italian wines and enjoy a glass on the terrace before dining on menu of regional classics. Dishes get a contemporary twist by chef Vito Mollica in his flagship, Michelin-starred restaurant.


 Ristorante Buca Mario

Located in a “buca”, an ancient XVI-Century cellar, entering Buca Mario is jumping back to ancient times. This restaurant offers homemade pasta and top-quality meat, as well as an enchanting Renaissance atmosphere.



Lungarno Bistrot

The freshness and refinement of the most prestigious Tuscan and national products are the raw material of all its dishes. A unique space, and a kitchen in keeping with the naturalness and quality of Mediterranean food.



 La Giostra

Over twentyfive years ago, a Hapsburg Prince and his 3 children, joined together to share their family traditions and ancient recipes with the people of Florence. And so the “legend” of La Giostra began… Its slogan “in food we trust”.



Ristorante Frescobaldi

Ristorante Frescobaldi shares the same philosophy and principles that the Marchesi Frescobaldi have been following for 700 years. The respect for tradition reflects in the menu based on the Tuscan-inspired foods served alongside the fine wines that have made the Frescobaldi’s famous around the world.

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