How to cook pasta: the Italian-style secret!

How to cook pasta? Here’s my 8 simple secrets!

How to cook pasta is always a challenge for people who are not Italian. However, it’s very easy: just follow my 8 simple rules!

How to cook pasta is the first thing you should know before anything else. First of all, let’s start from the very beginning: pasta should be “al dente” that means cooked enough but not too sticky, i.e. time cooking means everything. Hence, how long? Don’t worry. Let’s proceed by steps.

Here’s my 8 simple and quick rules:

1- Use a large pot

2- liter of water per 100 gr of pasta (hence, 200 gr of pasta = 2 liters)

3- When the water boils, add 10 gr of salt per 100 gr of pasta (hence, 200 gr of pasta = 20 gr). This will let pasta absorb the right amount of salt while cooking. A very common mistake is to add salt after having cooked it.

4- Toss your pasta in; for long pasta, such as spaghetti, you can add a drop of olive oil: in this way, spaghetti will not stick to each other,

5- Check the cooking time on the package and stop cooking one minute before (your pasta will continue its cooking in the pan with your sauce). This will allow you to have a perfect pasta al dente, and not overcooked. Hence, if time cooking is 12 minutes, stop cooking after 11 minutes.

6- Drain your pasta by keeping half cup of hot cooking water.

7- Too your pasta into the pan with the sauce you have prepared and add the half cup of cooking water to let it absorb better your sauce.

8- Finally, enjoy it!

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