Truffle Hunting Experience & Lunch in Tuscany

An extraordinary Truffle Hunting & Lunch Experience … few steps away from Florence.

Tuscany is one of the best Italian regions for truffle hunting thanks to its healthy soil and such vegetation. Especially relevant is a wide quantity of both black and white truffles.

Few steps away from Florence, in a breathtaking valley of Mugello area, welcome Elisa’s country house with her truffle dogs: 2 Czechoslovakian wolfdogs. The very first world’s Czechoslovakian Wolfdogs hunting truffles.

First of all, enjoy a pleasant soft trekking around with Elisa and her truffle Czechoslovakian Wolfdogs. Take pleasure in admiring the amazing postcard landscapes, while looking for the delicious truffles hidden by Nature.


Furthermore,  pick aromatic herbs up, you will use for a very special Tuscan-style lunch. Finally, come back Elisa’s home and prepare together a very exclusive truffle-based lunch to enjoy with some tasteful local Chianti wines in her amazing garden with … an exclusive view over Tuscan paradise.


Hence, what’s included:

√ Pick up by your hotel and private chauffeured transfer.

√ Full-day private luxury tour;

√ Exclusive Hunting Truffle Experience;

√ Special Homemade Truffle Lunch;

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