White Truffle: let’s start the “scented natural diamond hunt”

White Truffle … the “scented natural diamond hunt”

White truffle, scientifically Tuber Magnatum Pico, the king of truffles. The natural diamond with its alluring aroma. Fall is coming and it’s the season of white truffle hunt. An authentic “treasure hunt” while walking in the wood, along rivers and among brambles together with the man’s best friend: the dog. A dog properly trained to find out this scented treasure. The cost of white truffle? High … sometimes, very high. The main reason is the difficulty in finding it due to several factors, involving both weather and temperatures. However, it’s one of the most requested products in winter.

Its origins took place more than 4000 years ago. Indeed, Romans, Greeks and Etruscans knew and loved it. According to the Greek poet Plutarco (I Century b.C.), the truffle birth was connected to Jupiter’s lightning threw against an oak. Moreover, as Jupiter was famous for his sexuality in ancient times, people thought truffle had even aphrodisiac properties. However, due to the mystery around its story, it was considered as the evil’s food. This is the reason why it almost completely disappeared during Middle Age. 

It had its golden period a little bit later … during Renaissance, especially on nobles’ tables, i.s. by Caterina de’ Medici or on luxurious European banquets, where people called it “the expensive garlic” due to its smell similar to garlic. In this period, truffle hunting became an activity done by European courts and only very important guests could enjoy it.

The most expensive white truffle? During last years, a 1,5 kg white truffle reached a cost of 160,406$. The buyer? An investor from Hong Kong.

Would you like to enjoy an unforgettable day? 

Join our white truffle hunting experience in the heart of Tuscany!


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